In order to keep myself on my craft supplies diet, I’m going to keep a compiled list of all my various WIPs here. As I finish them, I’ll link them up with the post about it.

The ones currently listed are the ones that I’m aware of / remember / already found. Considering the state of my craft room, I’ll be adding projects as I find them buried in my mountain of a mess.


  1. Summer Solstice quilt for my oldest
  2. Vintage Truck quilt for my Father-in-Law
  3. Pi quilt for my step-son
  4. Deer head #makedoquilt for hubby
  5. #100days100blocks for my youngest
  6. #100days100blocks in half size for myself
  7. Maggies 1st Dance for my youngest
  8. Play with Me quilt top paired with:
  9. Polaroid quilt top for a double sided quilt for my youngest
  10. Crossroads quilt
  11. #spookydelightsquiltalong table runner
  12. Take 5 (plus) quilt
  13. Turn blocks from #quiltnon2016 #quiltnonsampler into 2 mini quilts for my vintage themed kitchen
  14. Christmas Tree Skirt for my oldest
  15. Farm Fun quilt for my youngest
  16. Illusions quilt for my son
  17. Postage stamp extra large quilt for our bed
  18. Blazing Star Craftsy BOM


  1. iPad bag for hubby
  2. carry / messenger style bag for hubby
  3. Nora bag for myself
  4. Christmas Stocking for my oldest
  5. Christmas Stocking for my granddaughter
  6. Christmas Stocking for my youngest
  7. Christmas Stocking for hubby
  8. Christmas Stocking for myself

Hand Embroidery

  1. Little House on the Prairie hoop art for a family member
  2. Postcards from Heaven for my In-Laws
  3. Gentle Domesticity for myself


  1. Lizard shawl for myself
  2. Kaboom CAL for my granddaughter
  3. Pink Pearl Cap CAL for myself
  4. Tokyo Jacket for myself
  5. Fingerless Gloves for myself – FINISHED – You can read about it here
  6. FRAN mystery CAL afghan for hubby
  7. Mermaid tail blanket for youngest
  8. GREG mystery CAL afghan for couch
  9. Hexi Cardigan for myself
  10. Corset Socks for oldest
  11. Island Play Set for granddaughter
  12. Winterbird Shawl for oldest – FINISHED – You can read about it here
  13. Combo Fabric & Crochet Quilt for my grandma (it’s listed here under crochet instead of quilting because it requires much more crocheting time vs quilting/sewing time)
  14. Tree with Animals for my youngest
  15. Tree with Animals for my granddaughter
  16. Shawl for my Mother-in-Law

Pattern Making

  1. Fall Love mini quilt – hand embroidery + quilting
  2. My Vintage Kitchen – quilt + hand embroidery
  3. Project Bag – customized yarn project bag
  4. Carry All Bag – combining 2 of my favorite ideas for a bag
  5. Floral Fairies – embroidery
  6. Floral Fairies – applique
  7. Center for spool block along with guild
  8. 3 different quilt layouts for spool block along with guild
  9. Mini Christmas Quilt
  10. Eagle Tabletopper