LGO2017 Week 1

Welcome to the beginning of Let’s Get Organized in 2017. This is week 1 and we’re going to organize our home inventory.

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With Christmas just behind us, now is the perfect time to update our home inventory to include all those new things we received for Christmas (along with remove any that we got rid of to make room for the new things). There are many reasons to do this. Insurance purposes & police reports to name the big 2. No one plans to be robbed, and while you typically have some time to prepare prior to a hurricane, things like waking up to knee-deep water in your home from a flash flood, fire, and a tornado are things that give no warning nor time to prepare. While you think you may be able to remember everything, when stressful events like these occur, it’s hard to remember lots of things. This is where your inventory list comes in very valuable. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel on this, there’s plenty of systems out there to do this. Here’s some that I found that do the job very well.

For those who do everything on their mobile devices here’s some apps to take a look at:

  • The award-winning Know Your Stuff Home Inventory Tool helps you record and safely store a comprehensive list of all your belongings, organized by room and property. With the Know Your Stuff Home Inventory Tool, you get: safe and secure cloud storage of your data for all of your item details, photos and receipts; downloadable reports for easy record keeping; a completely free tool – no ads or in-app purchases; a tool that is backed by the expertise of the Insurance Information Institute, the leading independent insurance research and communication organization.
  • Liberty Mutual Home Gallery app is free and available for anyone! You do NOT have to be a Liberty Mutual customer to use this. This app allows you to: take photos of your belongings; catalog each item by room and/or category; add item details or scan item bar code for images and descriptions; capture an item by importing photos from your phone; note purchase price, purchase date and/or take photos of the receipt for each item; track items in multiple properties or homes; quickly browse a gallery of your belongings; export your inventory as a spreadsheet or PDF for easy sharing or as a backup in case your device is ever lost or damaged.
  • DreamVault for iPhone and Android lets you create an inventory, generate reports and find an agent near you. In the event of a claim, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a record of all your belongings.

For those of you who prefer paper to hold in your hand, here’s some free printables that you can use:

Personally, I like, and will be using, the Liberty Mutual Home Gallery app. I like that I can include photos of the receipts (which I think will be very helpful for all my crafting supplies).

One thing to remember, regardless of which format you use to take your inventory, make sure that you not only keep it in a safe place but also keep a back up in a totally different location in the event that something happens to the first copy. You don’t want to go thru all that work just to end up loosing it. I strongly suggest keeping a copy in a fire & water proof safe. It doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to fit your inventory, some cash, and other important documents you’ll need in the event of an emergency. (affiliate links for the safes – this does not change anything, just gives me a few pennies to help keep the website running if you purchase anything thru the links) Here’s some that amazon has, as you can see, some of them are quite affordable!

Currently on sale for $29.87
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On another note, you’ll see that for week 3 we start on part 1 of our craft room / area and that there’s a total of 7 parts for this. If you don’t have a craft room / area, or if you have another area of your home that needs some intensive work, simply sub out the part of your home that requires a really in-depth area and start thinking of ways you can break it up into 7 different parts so it’s not so overwhelming. For some this may be the 2 car garage that you couldn’t squeeze a bicycle into, the attic that is so full you have no idea what’s there, or even your family room that really needs a good deep cleaning. Once you decide which room / area you wish to break up into 7 parts, start thinking of how you’d like to break it up. If you don’t have any rooms / areas that require 7 parts to get cleaned up and organized, you could even break it up into 2 rooms / areas that would take about 3-4 parts each. It’s not enough to think about it, write it down now so you’ll have your plan all laid out for you. 

For those who do have a craft room / area, I’ll be doing a really in-depth cleaning / organizing (since I REALLY need it!). For example 1 week will deal with fabric, another for yarn, another for patterns / books, and another for paints, etc. 

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Enjoy your day!


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