A New Toy

Hello! I’m so excited you have no idea. UPS delivered a package of pure awesomeness to me on Monday. This!


It’s the Silhouette Cameo 3. I found it on an amazing deal on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and now here she is! Lemme tell you, this technology is completely new to me – the only kind of cutting tool I’ve used is a paper-cutter, scissors and a rotary cutter. Yea… I’m so lost it’s not even funny. LOL Well, maybe kinda.

When it got here I fought all my instincts to open the box and start examining. I made a grown up decision and determined that it would be best if I waited for the little one to go to bed first. That was the best decision I’ve made all week! After unboxing and reviewing to make sure everything was here, I plugged it in and attempted to see what I could do. HA! Well, I could sit and stare at the computer screen while everything installed, updated, and all that good stuff. Needless to say, I fell asleep waiting for it. When I woke up around 1:30am it was finished. YAY! However, by that time I was too tired to do anything more than straighten up and crawl to bed.

I’m really excited about the possibilities of what this machine can do. I’ve been spouting to hubby and my bff about all the different things I could use it for, plus ways that it could potentially make me money.

Sizing Hexies

Instead of hopping right on and making things just cuz, I got right to work on some templates for me that will hopefully earn me some money in the new year. Aside from starting up this blog / website, I’m also completely revamping Cloth and Paper Studio as well and plan on a new beginning with the new year and this new toy will take center place. 🙂

Yeppers – exciting times here! Now, I really need to put it away and attempt to dig out Christmas decorations.

Till next time!