Gardening & Food

Currently we live on approximately 1 acre of land in “town.” Since the property is wide, our garden is situated on the side of our house in plain view of anyone going along the road. We get a lot of people driving by who will literally stop to look at our veggie garden. Last year we actually had one man get out of his car and take photos of our okra plants! LOL!!! 

I’m hoping that by dedicating a page to my garden that it will help me to keep track of how much food our garden actually produces this year since we’ve never done this. 

You can find my individual blog posts about my garden here.

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2017 Growing List
(along with a running total of amount harvested)

Basil – 
Corn: Sweet – 
Cucumbers – 
Eggplant – 
Garlic – 
Gourd: Bird House – 
Green Onion Tops –  
Okra – 
Onions –
Oregano – 
Peppers: Hot – 
Peppers: Sweet Bell – 
Spinach: Malabar –
Squash: Patty Pan –
Squash: Sweet Meat –
Squash: Yellow – 
Squash: Zucchini – 
Thyme – 
Tomatoes: Roma – 
Tomatoes: Slicing – 
Watermelon –

2017 Foraged food
(things we’ve harvested that we gathered from the wild or from other’s properties)

Wildflowers                   1 cup
turned into jelly