One Monthly Goal for January

What do I want to make sure I finish this month from my WIP list? Hmmmmm. I’m going to go with the silhouette deer head quilt that I want to make for my hubby. It’s been on my to-do list for numerous months now and I’ve not even started. 🙁 I do have the pattern (it’s in the Simply Moderne 2 issue) and the fabric set aside.

It’s going to be done in the #makedoquilt style using things I have instead of buying new for it. Plus, it’s going to be made from recycled clothing instead of off the bolt fabric. A friend gave me a stack of about 12 pair of khaki pants from her daughter-in-law that was going to go in the garbage (she works in a paint store and there’s random paint splatters on them). I’m going to cut those up and piece those randomly to form the background. The silhouette will be made from hubby’s old camo clothing that he was going to throw away (most have holes and have been greatly worn). Since this is going to be a wall quilt, I don’t have to worry about it standing up to being washed frequently.

Even though I’ve not even started it, I’ve already been debating between either doing echo quilting or straight lines radiating from the center point on just the background. I really want to deer head to pop and will not be doing any quilting on it.

Why did I pick this one? Because its corresponding number #3 was chosen for this month for the UFO 2017 challenge on my UFO 2017 list. 🙂

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