12 Days of Christmas & a Free Pattern

Hello everyone! I’m proud to say that I was able to join in with Sarah’s (from Confessions of a Fabric Addict) 12 Days of Christmas blog hop this year. Thank you so much Sarah for hosting this again this year!!! You are the bomb! πŸ™‚

Today I’m bringing you a cute little embroidery / quilt project that can be used as either a table runner (my original thought), a mini quilt wall hanging, as the center of a larger quilt, or even a pillow cover (if you reduce the pattern and sizes by 50% so it finishes at 11″).

Originally I was thinking about a snowman bluework hand embroidery project. However, after googling snowmen and the sheer abundance of hand embroidery patterns for them, I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction. 


Some details – the download is only for the hand embroidery pattern. You simply copy the pattern onto fabric and then using 3 strands of embroidery floss complete it all with back-stitch (there’s a very good tutorial here) and French knots for the buttons and eyes. I cut the fabric for the center at 13″ and trimmed it down to 10.5″ with the embroidery centered once the embroidery was done. I cut 4 background squares at 5.5″ for the corner blocks; and 4 background and 4 contrasting squares at 6.25″ to make 8 HST’s and trimmed them to 5.5″. I plan on adding a 1″ border of the contrasting fabric before I quilt it (I simply ran out of time). The measurements shown on the diagram are the finished sizes.

Yes, I ran out of time… The past 3-ish months have been chaotic at best. To make this: 1) I had to dig out my clothes iron (which hasn’t been used since we moved about 3 years ago) since I cannot find mine; 2) I had to measure everything with my little girl’s 12″ plastic ruler; 3) use a pair of scissors to cut all the fabric; and 4) dig out my sewing machine (that’s not been touched in over 3 months) and remove the little spider and it’s web along with at least 2 pounds of dust that had collected on it… Where is everything? That’s a darn good question. Other than to say that everything is still in my house somewhere, I really cannot tell you. But if you want to come help, I’m more than happy for any assistance since I’m laid up with a turned and severely swollen ankle and knee along with a bruised and swollen triceps since falling down the stairs with a huge garbage bag full of my granddaughters toys over a week ago. 

Now some words from Sarah regarding the amazing give-a-way she’s put together for everyone. 

And as if great holiday ideas and a tutorial weren’t enough, this year we’ve got something extra special!  The lovely folks over at Free Spirit Fabrics have donated not just one item for a giveaway, but THIRTEEN!  And it’s pretty drool-worthy stuff, too – it’s Tula Pink’s new holiday line, Holiday Homies!!!

I have six design rolls, six layer cakes, and one fat quarter bundle to give away – and here’s how we’re going to do it!  Visit each stop on the hop, including this blog, and leave a comment on each post for the day.  At the end of the hop, I’ll do a giveaway for each day by putting everyone’s name in the hat who commented that day (from all that day’s hop-blogs), and drawing a winner for that day.  That will be twelve winners – the design rolls and layer cakes.  Then I’ll put all the names from all the days in a hat and draw out a grand prize winner for the fat quarter bundle!  Only one prize per person, though – let’s spread it around a bit!  So carve out a bit of time to visit all the blogs and comment – it makes the time spent on each post worth it when you see what people think about your work!”

The other bloggers to go visit today are:

Mel’s Quilting Blog

Resourceful Momma (that’s me!)

Cheryl’s Teapots2Quilting

Quilt Qwazy Queens Hop & Scrap Organization

Hello everyone

In case you didn’t notice the button in the sidebar, I wanted to introduce you all to the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop hosted by Marian of Seams to Be Sew. This hop is to celebrate WorldWide Quilting Day which is March 18th. 

Here’s the complete line up. Now, keep in mind that there are LOTS of give-a-ways (thanks to Marian). Many are good for just that day, so make sure to go visit the blogs on their specific day for a chance to win some really awesome prizes!

March 16

Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats
Resourceful Momma

March 17

Freemotion by the River
FunThreads Designs
Pink Doxies

March 20

Jane’s Quilting
Seacoast Quilter
Words & Stitches
Quilting Affection

March 21

Thrift Shop Commando
Batts In The Attic
Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Sew Many Yarns

March 22

MooseStash Quilting
Life in the Scrapatch
Seams To Be Sew

Also the blog host Marian was able to arrange for an amazing coupon for everyone! Who wants 30% off of EQ items
Promo code: EQHOP2017
The code is good from 3/16/2017 to 3/27/2017
Exclusions: Electric Quilt 7, EQ7 Migration Kit, Upgrade from EQ Mini to EQ7, EQ Mini Migration Kit, EQ Academy classes, and EQ University classes.

Today is my day and I’m going to share with you my organization system for scraps and small pre-cuts. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a few things to keep in mind – I don’t like throwing away even the smallest of scraps and I prefer reusing/upcycling over buying something if something else will work just fine. With that in mind, let me show you my *ahem* system.

Anytime I pull fabric off my shelves and there’s less than a F8th-ish left, it’ll get shoved into one of these drawers. The top drawer is for the bigger pieces and the bottom drawer is for smaller pieces. 

However, I wanted a better way to keep squares and rectangles that are in typical precut sizes and more. Instead of rushing out to the store and buying plastic storage containers, I looked around my house and found more plastic empty baby wipe containers than I care to count (my little girl likes to use them for her toys). Currently I have 6 of them that I’m using for this purpose. These are just the right size for the short shelf under my cutting table and I can fit them 2 deep. Other that the baby wipe containers, I use 2 plastic shoe storage containers and 1 of those Sterilite containers designed to hold Christmas ornaments (you’ll understand once I get to it).

Once I get into the groove and mood to cut the scraps down, I’ll start with the largest size scrap I can fit and work my way down. I have a baby wipe container for just 2″ squares and another for 2.5″ squares. There’s another baby wipe container for the 3.5″x6.5″ bars. Another holds strips that are 2.5″ wide by varying lengths. The 5th baby wipe container holds triangle bits that were scraps from making HST’s, Flying Geese blocks and similar. And the last baby wipe container holds random cuts that I need to sort into the bins.

The 2 plastic shoe boxes hold 5″, 6″ & 6.5″ squares. As you can see they’re perfect for the 5″ and 6″ but a bit too small for the 6.5″ squares to lay flat.

The most recent discovery was the Sterilite container used for holding Christmas ornaments in their individual little compartments thanks to my dear hubby. He buys me random storage containers when he spies them on sale because with all the various crafts and things that me and my little girl collect, he knows they’ll be put to good use. He got me 1 of these when they were on sale for under $3 from Wal-Mart after Christmas.

While I was working on wonky, improv log cabin blocks for the Deer Head Silhouette quilt I’m making, I needed to put the strips away for a bit to work on other things. I spied one of those containers hubby bought me. It’s perfect for strips! If you cut strips, or work with fabric strips a lot, you may want to consider getting one of these. I actually had hubby go back and get me the rest (there was only 2 more) once I thought about using it for fabric strips. My plan is to sort the strips I have in the baby wipe container into another of these, sorted by length when the stars align and I have time, the energy and actually think about it. πŸ˜‰ 

To make matters worse, I won’t throw away even the smallest bits. Why not you ask? These leftover odd bits and bobbles that are either too small for paper piecing or the micro piecing I love get saved along with thread scraps in a container. They are either given to a lady in our guild who uses them as stuffing for pillows for the homeless or I’ll use them to stuff various sewn or crochet toys and whatnots.

Sometimes I’ll cut scraps right away, and other times I’ll wait until I cannot shut my scrap drawers anymore. LOL I have no rhyme or reason for the when part of my system, other than when I feel like it. Sometimes I won’t cut them smaller at all because I do a lot of paper-piecing and most paper piecing involves odd, unusual shaped pieces. 

Considering that I’ll sew and quilt with all different kinds of fabrics, I don’t just have cotton scraps. However, I do save them all the same and stored together with one exception. Scrap knit / t-shirt material. When I end up with a t-shirt that I’ve used the image off the front and have no need for the rest of the shirt, instead of leaving it lying around awaiting another knit project, I’ll do 1 of 2 things. I’ll cut it up into 5″ squares that I turn into a patchwork fabric (when I have a decent sized pile) that I use to make my little girl clothes or stuffed toys from, or I’ll cut it into strips that I then add to my growing t-shirt material “yarn” balls that I use to make reusable shopping totes and other crochet items with. I tried to find my most recent t-shirt yarn ball but considering the state of my craft area right now it was a lost cause… Oh well. 

Since you’ve stuck with me this far, here’s the awesome give-a-ways that I have to share with you for today only! πŸ™‚ 

The first give-a-way is sponsored by Northcott Fabrics and is for 3 Fat Quarters From The Garden Gate Collection







a Rafflecopter giveaway

Next up is a bottle of Terial Magic sponsored by Marian of Seams to Be Sew. There will be 2 winners each day for a total of 10 winners! Winners must be willing to pay for shipping on this. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And lastly Marian is also sponsoring the give-a-way for Quilters Dream Batting 3 twin size batts of Dream 80/20 in pink, white, and natural. Winners must be willing to pay for shipping on this.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m curious, what do you do with your scraps?

Winterbird Shawl Finish

Back in August 2016 I discovered Ravelry. Along with it I found numerous groups in which there’s pattern testers looking for people to test their patterns before they are published. I came across Emily Connell looking for testers for her Winterbird shawl. I loved the look of it and jumped in with both feet even though I never tested a crochet pattern before and had only been crocheting for about 9 months at that time. I started it on August 7th, 2016 and finished it on August 31st.

That one was made for a best friend for her birthday. On September 20th I finally posted up a finished picture showing the entire thing on Instagram and my oldest daughter seen it and commented: “mother this is so gorgeous, i want one, i’ll pay you”. ROFL Like most moms I told her I’d gladly make one for her and I wasn’t going to take her money. She gave me an idea for colors and I sent her pics of different yarns till she picked the ones she liked. I got started on her’s on October 4th, 2016. I -LOVE- the way the metallic strand in the gray picks up the purple!

I was going good with it and on October 30th I had just 2 rows of gray left and the 2 edging rows of purple when I ran out of gray yarn…

The yarn is Ice Yarns from Turkey and I had to order more… By the time I ordered it and it arrived, the almost finished shawl was buried somewhere in my craft disaster area… Yea…… *hanging head in shame*

Anyhow, fast forward to early last week (about 1/10/17) – I found out my oldest is going thru some serious medical problems and while thinking of how I can cheer her up from over 350 miles away, the thought of the uncompleted shawl popped into my head. I dug around my disaster area multiple times over 2 days till I found both the yarn and the shawl. Like the fingerless gloves finish I shared with you last month, this finish was right around the corner! It took me a few hours to finish while playing with my youngest in between. So here it is! Finally finished!!! Now to send it to her so she’ll get a nice warm hug from her momma anytime she needs it just by slipping it over her shoulders.

Another item on my #2017FALQ1 list complete! WHOOP WHOOP!!!



A Fresh Snow Blog Hop day 4

Good morning everyone! This morning is day 4, the final day, of A Fresh Snow Blog Hop hosted by Marian of Seams to Be Sew.


This hop involves sewing a winter project with anything other than cotton. Here’s the line up of bloggers who are participating today: 

Jan 25

So go visit those whose day it is and I’ll see you later for WIP Wednesday. Bye!

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop day 3 – A Skirt Tutorial

Good morning everyone! This morning is day 3 of A Fresh Snow Blog Hop hosted by Marian of Seams to Be Sew. This hop involves sewing a winter project with anything other than cotton.


Here’s the line up of bloggers who are participating today:

 Jan 24

Elm Street Quilts
Resourceful Momma
MooseStash Quilting
Any Pattern
SeaCoast Quilter

Yep! That includes me for today. πŸ™‚ 

I simply adore long, layered skirts on my little girl, and she loves wearing skirts and dresses! She balks at wearing anything other than dresses. I can get by with putting skirts on her, but her preference, hands-down, are dresses. She loves it when I make her anything! If she’s wearing something I made when we go out, she’ll proudly will tell anyone and everyone who will listen that “mom made this for me” and I melt every single time. πŸ™‚ So I try to whip her up quick, easy but still cute dresses and skirts.  
For my project, I’m sharing with you this skirt that I make a bunch of. It does not require any pattern pieces to print out and can be made in any size. It’s made using simple rectangles cut to size. Let’s get started! (As you can see in the photo – this was from Christmas time and she was wearing a skirt I made for her a number of months ago – I made another one specific for this but didn’t have time to photograph it on her as I just finished sewing it up around 11pm last night. They are exactly the same though, just different fabric. I thought I had step-by-step photos of the previous one, but I don’t…)
We’re going to do some figuring now to make your skirt so get out something to write with and something to write on to make note of these numbers. Personally, I’m making this in a girl’s size large (10-12) and will include the measurements for that for reference and ease of describing. 
There are 2 measurements that you will need – 1) waist measurement (or widest part of the bottom half of the body) (28″) and 2) length you want the skirt (22″). Now, take the length you want your skirt and divide it by 4. Since I want my little girl’s skirt to be 22″ long, 22 divided by 4 is 5.5″. Add 1″ to that number for seam allowances (5.5 + 1 = 6.5″). Add 3″ to that number for the top tier to allow for the waistband (6.5 + 3 = 9.5).
Now let’s figure out the width of the rectangles. Take the waist measurement (or widest part of the bottom half of the body) and add 5″ (28 + 5 = 33). Now take that number and divide it by 2 (33 / 2 = 16.5). Add 1″ to that number to allow for seam allowances (16.5 + 1 = 17.5).
The first and shortest rectangles you cut out will be the top ones. Mine will measure 9.5″ x 17.5″ and I’ll need to cut 2 this size. The next tier down will need to be 5″ longer than the top. Mine will measure 6.5″ x 22.5″ and I’ll need to cut 2 this size. The next tier down will need to be 5″ longer than the previous. Mine will measure 6.5″ x 27.5″ and I’ll need to cut 2 this size. The bottom tire will need to be 5″ longer than the previous. Mine will measure 6.5″ x 32.5″ and I’ll need to cut 2 this size. 
Each of the 3 longest pieces (all except the very top tier with the added width for the waistband) will need to be ruffled or gathered on one long edge so that it is the same size as the tier above it.
One long end on both of the 6.5″ x 32.5″ pieces will need to be gathered until they measures 6.5″ x 27.5″. One long end on both of the 6.5″ x 27.5″ pieces will need to be gathered until they measure 6.5″ x 22.5″.
One long end on both of the 6.5″ x 22.5″ pieces will need to be gathered until they measure 6.5″ x 17.5″.
This can be done in any number of ways including: pin tucks, pleats, ruffle foot on your sewing machine, or by making a large basting stitch on your sewing machine and pulling the top (or bottom) thread. Personally, since this denim is so heavy, I knew if I attempted to pull thread to gather the fabric it would just break under the strain. I decided to go with couching some cheap yarn. Basically, what you do is get a length of yarn that is a few inches longer than the length you need to gather up. Set your sewing machine to the widest and longest zigzag stitch it has and literally sew the zigzag over the yarn while keeping the yarn in the middle of the zigzag so the thread from the sewing machine does NOT get caught in the yarn! If it does, you won’t be able to pull it to gather your fabric!!!
After I’ve done this to the 6 pieces, I pull on the yarn on one end and gather up the fabric until it is the length needed to match the tier above it.
Then I pin, pin, and pin some more. You can do this in numerous ways, with a raw edge from the top tier, with a raw edge from the bottom tier, raw edge from both tiers, or clean edges from both tiers. For this one I chose to do clean edges from both tiers so I matched up right sides together. Sew the seam and continue with the rest of the tiers until you have a front and a back of the skirt that has 4 tiers on it.
Then you will line up the sides of your skirt with right sides together and sew both sides.
Now it’s time for the hem. Some fabrics don’t require a hem, or you may not want one for the way it looks. However, I wanted this skirt to have clean lines so I chose to do a double folded hem. I didn’t want frayed edges from the hem hanging down below the hem. I simply folded over approximately 1/4″ of the bottom edge and gave it a light press and then folded it over another 1/4″ and pressed it again so it would hold while I sewed it. 
Now for the waistband. Once again, there are numerous ways you can do this. A simple fold over casing for the elastic, elastic sewn right to the edge of the fabric without any covering, sewn onto the fabric itself, etc. Still going for those clean lines, I decided I wanted to encase the elastic within a casing but not just by folding it over, leaving a space to thread my elastic thru and then sew the opening shut. I made a casing by folding the fabric over the elastic twice and then sewing it all together while holding the elastic fully stretched out. If you choose to do this, realize, the elastic will appear to be permanently stretched out when you are done sewing. However, this is not the case! Once you run it thru the wash it will shrink right back to the size it’s supposed to be. 
And, we’re done! (Seeing as how I just finished this at 11pm last night I’ve not had time to wash and dry it to show you how the waistband will really look. But, like I mentioned earlier – it’s the exact same as the floral one.)
Structurally, the skirt is finished. However, it is not quiet “done” yet. Huh? Well, my BFF seen me post pics of it on IG yesterday and offered to embroider a unicorn on it for my unicorn-loving little girl! How sweet!!! So, one it comes back with that done, I’m going to sew some detail seams in a matching color. 
Just in case you think your limited by the type of fabric you can use to do this with, I’ve done this same skirt in many different fabrics – corduroy, demin, cotton, fleece, flannel, vintage bed sheets, upcycled sweatpants she outgrew, cheap lining satin, knit. The list goes on! 
Anyhow, I hope this has sparked your interest. If you make one, I’d love to see it! Please feel free to email me or tag me on Instagram
Still here? That’s good! Because there’s a give-a-way!!! Whoop whoop! Isn’t Marian from Seams to Be Sew simply amazing? Not only did she organize this hop, but she also donated the prizes! Today’s prize is this awesome kit:
I hope you liked my project. By for now!

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop day 2

Good morning everyone! This morning is day 2 of A Fresh Snow Blog Hop hosted by Marian of Seams to Be Sew. This hop involves sewing a winter project with anything other than cotton.


Here’s the line up of bloggers who are participating today:

 Jan 23

Quilted Fabric Art
Sew Many Yarns


So go visit those whose day it is and I’ll see you later. Bye!

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Hi everyone! In case you’ve been under a rock, today is day 1 of A Fresh Snow Blog Hop hosted by Marian of Seams to Be Sew. She hosts the best hops IMO. Anyhow, this hop involves sewing a winter project with anything other than cotton. Here’s the line up of bloggers who are participating:

Jan 20

Jane’s Quilting
Lulu & Celeste
Quilt In Piece
3Patch Crafts

Jan 23

Quilted Fabric Art
Sew Many Yarns

Jan 24

Elm Street Quilts
Resourceful Momma
MooseStash Quilting
Any Pattern
SeaCoast Quilter

Jan 25

Don’t delete this! That way you know who’s day it is so you can go see what they’re sharing with you AND so you can enter the different give-a-ways!!! WHOOT WHOOT!
I’ll see you later on with the LGO2017 post. Bye!