Winterbird Shawl Finish

Back in August 2016 I discovered Ravelry. Along with it I found numerous groups in which there’s pattern testers looking for people to test their patterns before they are published. I came across Emily Connell looking for testers for her Winterbird shawl. I loved the look of it and jumped in with both feet even though I never tested a crochet pattern before and had only been crocheting for about 9 months at that time. I started it on August 7th, 2016 and finished it on August 31st.

That one was made for a best friend for her birthday. On September 20th I finally posted up a finished picture showing the entire thing on Instagram and my oldest daughter seen it and commented: “mother this is so gorgeous, i want one, i’ll pay you”. ROFL Like most moms I told her I’d gladly make one for her and I wasn’t going to take her money. She gave me an idea for colors and I sent her pics of different yarns till she picked the ones she liked. I got started on her’s on October 4th, 2016. I -LOVE- the way the metallic strand in the gray picks up the purple!

I was going good with it and on October 30th I had just 2 rows of gray left and the 2 edging rows of purple when I ran out of gray yarn…

The yarn is Ice Yarns from Turkey and I had to order more… By the time I ordered it and it arrived, the almost finished shawl was buried somewhere in my craft disaster area… Yea…… *hanging head in shame*

Anyhow, fast forward to early last week (about 1/10/17) – I found out my oldest is going thru some serious medical problems and while thinking of how I can cheer her up from over 350 miles away, the thought of the uncompleted shawl popped into my head. I dug around my disaster area multiple times over 2 days till I found both the yarn and the shawl. Like the fingerless gloves finish I shared with you last month, this finish was right around the corner! It took me a few hours to finish while playing with my youngest in between. So here it is! Finally finished!!! Now to send it to her so she’ll get a nice warm hug from her momma anytime she needs it just by slipping it over her shoulders.

Another item on my #2017FALQ1 list complete! WHOOP WHOOP!!!



Fingerless Gloves Finish

Way back in early September I splurged and bought a skein of Haute Knit Yarn in the Haunted Forest colorway from a destash sale. The yarn was so pretty and it was a great price – I couldn’t resist. It was also my very first skein of yarn that I purchased that wasn’t from a big box store. 

I knew I wanted to make something for myself that was “me” and after some online hunting, I found a free pattern for fingerless gloves that I loved and I got started right away. 

Look at the texture on them! *swoon* They crochet up flat and you have to seam the edges together and then add the buttons. I had both gloves crocheted up in 2 days! Since I didn’t have any buttons that I thought looked just right with them, I set them aside. And they collected dust. 

And a bit more dust…

I finally picked them back up 3 days ago (1/13/17) and had them finished within an hour. It took me almost 4 months to finish that last little bit of work to be able to call them completed!?! WHAAA?!? Anyhow, they are all done now and I absolutely love them and the yarn!

I really need to get my hands on more of that yarn. It was an older skein of sock weight yarn so I’m not sure about the base it’s on. I’d LOVE more of this colorway or any deeply saturated jewel tones if anyone has some that’s sitting in their stash that they’d be interested in selling. Just sayin’. LOL It’s not like I’m on a craft supply diet or anything like that. 😉 

Anyhow, it feels great to have an item on my #2017FALQ1 list complete! 

2017 FAL Q1 List

A new year, a new FAL. 🙂 If you don’t know what the Finish Along is, you can read more about it here.


I’ve divided up my list by type of craft to make it easier on myself. I know my list is long, but I’m not sure what I’ll feel like working on when. So I figure if I list them all I can’t lose. Right? LOL


  1. Summer Solstice quilt for my oldest
    I did manage to get approximately 1/2 of the background fabrics cut out for this. This will be a Christmas present for a family member. All fabrics except the background fabric is cut.
  2. Vintage Truck quilt for my Father-in-Law
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member made from a pattern I came up with. I’ve gotten most of the fabric for it cut already. Once I finish cutting, I’m going to chain piece the blocks together, fussy cut the trucks and applique them onto the blocks, sew up the top, quilt and bind it.
  3. Pi quilt for my step-son
  4. Deer head #makedoquilt for hubby
    I’ve had a stack of khaki pants from a friend’s daughter-in-law just sitting here. They are not worthy of going to the thrift store due to being ripped and having paint splatters all over them (she works in a paint store), yet there’s plenty of good, usable fabric on them still. I’ve been playing around the idea for an improv quilt with them but haven’t been sold on any one idea until I seen the cover of Simply Moderne. I’m combining something similar to the cover (Simply Moderne issue #2) with an improv background. This will be a gift for hubby for Christmas. I also have a stack of camo clothing of his somewhere that he was going to throw out (old, worn, etc) that will also be used in this quilt.
  5. #100days100blocks for my youngest
    Yep, I got sucked into another QAL. This time I brought a friend. ROFL and no surprise, I’m behind and she’s ahead. You can see all the blocks I’ve made over on my IG account.
  6. #100days100blocks in half-size for myself
    Same as above only I’m doing a set half sized in a more modern feel for myself.
  7. Maggie’s 1st Dance for my youngest
  8. Play with Me quilt top paired with:
  9. Polaroid quilt top for a double-sided quilt for my youngest
  10. Crossroads quilt
    This was supposed to be a Christmas present for a family member. However, I’ve changed my mind and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.
  11. #spookydelightsquiltalong table runner
    Well, I started this QAL with good intentions. Then I sewed up the borders wrong… After taking the time to rip out around 15 feet of stitching, I kinda lost interest for the moment. I would like to get this done as it’s the only thing I’ve cut into my precious (insert Lord of the Rings jokes here LOL) Ghastlies fabric for.
  12. Take 5 (plus) quilt
  13. Turn blocks from #quiltnon2016 #quiltnonsampler into 2 mini quilts for my vintage themed kitchen
  14. Christmas Tree Skirt for my oldest
    Have pattern and fabric ready. Just waiting for my time and attention.
  15. Farm Fun quilt for my youngest
    When I bought the panels with the momma and babies stuffies to make for my granddaughter and my youngest daughter I also ordered a charm pack and a 1/2 yard of the main print in white. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, but it will be simple. I’m thinking of cutting the 1/2 yard into larger 9″ squares and pair them up with a solid that compliments them. We’ll see. At first I was going to give it to my granddaughter, but her momma picked out an afghan instead of a quilt.
  16. Illusions quilt for my son
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member.  I did manage to get all of the fabric that I need. YAY! I’ve started cutting but have lots to do still.
  17. My little girl’s quilt
    My 3.5 year old wanted to learn to sew on my machine. So, I pulled out a stack of 8″ squares cut from Disney Princess & coordinating fabrics and we got started. We sat on the floor for close to 2 hours arranging and rearranging them until she thought they were “just right.” I was having a serious internal argument with my OCD self. My OCD side wanted to rearrange them again once she went to bed to make sure that there weren’t any like squares touching each other and that the different colors were evenly distributed. My *ahem* “normal” side wanted to leave them just as they were because it’s going to be her quilt that she made. Don’t worry, I left them just as she arranged them. So far we’ve sewn together the blocks for 2 of the 8 rows. Using 8″ squares, it is 8 squares across by 9 squares down. Realize this – I am NOT sewing these together – she is! I sit next to her and run the foot pedal on the sewing machine. At 3.5 years old she does not have the skill to fully operate the sewing machine herself yet.
  18. Postage Stamp Quilt
    A long term project to help use up scraps.
  19. Blazing Star
    Craftsy 2017 BOM – making with a few changes


  1. iPad bag for hubby for work
    Self-drafted based on the dimensions of the iPad and his requests
  2. carry / messenger style bag for hubby for work
    I have the fabric ready, I’m just debating between a typical messenger style bag or something that he can strap to the passenger seat of the truck and open up like a portable desk…
  3. Nora bag for myself
    Have pattern and most of the fabric – need to get the interfacing and hardware.
  4. Christmas Stocking for my oldest
    Have pattern and fabric ready. It’s just waiting for my time and attention.
  5. Christmas Stocking for my granddaughter
    Have pattern and fabric ready. It’s just waiting for my time and attention.
  6. Christmas Stocking for my youngest
    Have pattern and fabric ready. It’s just waiting for my time and attention.
  7. Christmas Stocking for hubby
    Have pattern and fabric ready. It’s just waiting for my time and attention.
  8. Christmas Stocking for myself
    Have pattern and fabric ready. It’s just waiting for my time and attention.
  9. Farm Fun stuffies momma cow and her 2 babies set 1 for youngest
  10. Farm Fun stuffies momma cow and her 2 babies set 2 for granddaughter
  11. Farm Fun stuffies momma sheep and her 2 babies set 1 for youngest
  12. Farm Fun stuffies momma sheep and her 2 babies set 2 for granddaughter
  13. Farm Fun stuffies momma pig and her 2 babies set 1 for youngest
  14. Farm Fun stuffies momma pig and her 2 babies set 2 for granddaughter
  15. Farm Fun stuffies momma chick and her 2 babies set 1 for youngest
  16. Farm Fun stuffies momma chick and her 2 babies set 2 for granddaughter
  17. Felt Christmas Tree for granddaughter
    I’m debating on making 2 of these – one for my youngest and one for my granddaughter for Christmas. Hoping to get them done by the middle of November so I can send my granddaughter her’s right in time for when my oldest puts up her Christmas tree.
  18. dress for my little girl using the floral print she picked out
  19. dress for my little girl using the deer print she picked out
  20. dress for my little girl using yarn for the bodice
  21. dress for my little girl using yarn for the bodice
  22. dress for my little girl using yarn for the bodice
  23. Birthday dress for my little girl
  24. Unicorn stuffy for my little girl’s birthday
  25. Floral unicorn horn headband for my little girl
  26. Felt heart garland with clouds for my little girl
  27. Pink tutu for my little girl
  28. Felt & Stick unicorn for my little girl
  29. Unicorn pillow for my little girl
  30. Unicorn banner for my little girl

Hand Embroidery

  1. Little House on the Prairie hoop art for a family member
  2. Postcards from Heaven BOM for my In-Laws
  3. Gentle Domestic its BOM for myself


  1. Lizard shawl for myself
  2. Kaboom CAL for my granddaughter
  3. Pink Pearl Cap CAL for myself
    This is a CAL for Expression Fiber Arts group over on Ravelry. I’m making one for myself and one for my oldest daughter.
  4. Pink Pearl Cap CAL for my oldest
  5. Fingerless Gloves for myself – FINISHED – READ ABOUT THEM HERE
    I don’t know why I keep putting these off. They’re almost finished!
  6. FRAN mystery CAL afghan for hubby
    I’ve finished over 3/4 of this so far. I was hoping to finish it for hubby’s birthday which didn’t happen. Then I was trying for Christmas which also didn’t happen. 🙁 So I’ll be trying for his birthday. Again.
  7. GREG mystery CAL afghan for couch
  8. Hexi Cardigan for myself
    I’m testing the pattern on Ravelry and making this for myself. (photo is from the pattern maker to show what it will look like) I’m making mine in a blue heather.
  9. Corset Socks for oldest
    I seen these on Ravelry and think they are awesome! Wondering if I can pull off wearing them. LOL
  10. Island Play Set for granddaughter
  11. Winterbird Shawl for oldest FINISHED – READ ABOUT IT HERE
    I’m almost done with this. Just waiting on a bit more yarn to arrive from Turkey so I can finish it and send it off to her.
  12. Combo Fabric & Crochet Quilt for my grandma (it’s listed here under crochet instead of quilting because it requires much more crocheting time vs quilting/sewing time)
  13. Tree with Animals for my youngest
  14. Tree with Animals for my granddaughter
  15. Puppy dog scarf for my youngest
  16. Shawl for my Mother-in-Law
  17. Unicorn hooded blanket for my little girl


  1. Learn to knit!!!
    I started to learn a few months ago. I pulled up a YouTube video, some yarn and a set of needles. I -was- thinking that it would be like crochet, you could use bigger needles and get a looser stitch. I figured out how to long tail cast on with no trouble – had it down pat after about 3 stitches. Then I attempted a knit stitch. Which I was able to do with no problem and had it down after about 5 stitches. I was also able to finish a row and start a new one. However, after about 5 rows I realized that knitting with a larger set of needles than recommended for the yarn actually just makes the stitch look all wonky… Or it could have been my tension. Regardless, I frogged it all. When I pick up a smaller set of needles I’ll try it again.
  2. Make hubby a pair of socks – this is a carryover from Q3
    using this nice soft yarn and this needle. Seriously, look at how fuzzy and soft that yarn is! I just keep squishing it against my cheek. LOL I found a pattern using this weight yarn and it said to use this circular needle so that’s what I bought. I have NO clue how to knit… However, I’d love to learn, if only to knit hubby socks. Why? My hubby is a big man who wears a size 15.5 wide boots. Do you know what it’s like to find ANY socks that fit him in the rural area where we live? I don’t think he’s ever had a pair of nice soft socks. I’d love to make him a pair for Christmas.

Pattern Making

  1. Fall Love mini quilt – hand embroidery + quilting
  2. My Vintage Kitchen – quilt + hand embroidery
  3. Project Bag – customized yarn project bag
  4. Carry All Bag – combining 2 of my favorite ideas for a bag
  5. Floral Fairies – embroidery
  6. Floral Fairies – applique
  7. Center for spool block along with guild
  8. 3 different quilt layouts for spool block along with guild
  9. Mini Christmas Quilt
  10. Eagle Tabletopper
    The pattern I designed and fabric is sitting here all together just waiting for me…
  11. Bluework Snowman lap quilt


  1. Finish reupholstering the mini recliner for my little girl for Christmas.
    When I seen this chair for $5 I had to buy it. The framework is strong but the fabric was yuck. It’s not a full-sized chair, but it’s also not one of those tiny kid chairs you see nowadays. It’s right in between which is good since my little girl is a big little girl. Her daddy (who’s 6’4″) likes to say that we knew she wasn’t going be a horse jockey. LOL Right now at just over 3.5 years old, she’s 4’1″ tall!!! I found a really cute heavy-duty canvas fabric that I’m hoping will last until she outgrows the chair.
  2. Finish my class on Skillshare: Micro Batch Preserves Peach Jalapeno Sauce
  3. Finish my class on Skillshare: Fold Over Clutch
  4. Finish my class on Skillshare: Hand Embroidery Sampler
  5. Finish my class on Skillshare: Basic Quilting How To

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaa… So… There it is. My #ridiculouslylongfallist 😉 

WIP Wednesday #1

Hello everyone! 🙂 While you’re reading this, I’m having a girls break so you’ll only get to see how much I’ve done up thru Monday evening (when I’m writing this). My little girl’s Aunt came and picked up her & I and we went for a girls day on Tuesday; crafting with her, her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter on Tuesday night complete with a sleep over; and checking out a new thrift store in that area (we’re about 1.5 hours from my house). I’ll be back sometime later today. lol In the mean time, here’s what I’ve been working on this past week.

Hexies, hexies, hexies! (That’s them almost all packed up ready to go to our girls night of crafting in my portable zipped case)

I joined an IG swap hosted by @shawngorlich back in late November. Thankfully the due date isn’t until January 15th which is the only reason I joined. There was no way I’d get them done before the new year and I knew it. Each set is for 20 hexies: I joined in for 2 sets of animals, 2 sets of cats, and 2 sets of florals for a total of 120 hexies. 🙂 I got this. 
#cathexieswap #animalhexieswap #floralhexieswap

The deer head quilt, well I pulled out the pile of khaki pants and the magazine for it. It’s on my to-do list to hopefully finish by the end of the month so I can start out the year with a UFO 2017 finish, a 2017 FAL Q1 finish, and an #apqresolution finish all in one! Nothing more to see other than the previous pic I shared except I’ve cut a number of seams out of the pants so far. But hey, that’s something! LOL I’m really hoping that I can do this as I’m imagining. I have OCD that involves numbers and patterns so doing anything improv or without a noticeable pattern or order really stumps me. BUT, I’m going to try! I can “see” it in my mind. I just hope that I can implement it satisfactorily. 

Project Quilting challenge 1 – I’ve been working on this, but I’m not going to share pics until it’s finished. However, I will share this. Aside from the theme that is given for the week, I’ve also given myself a theme that I want to follow for all 6 challenges! My theme is going to be Alice in Wonderland. So, I’ll have to somehow fit the challenge theme for the week into my theme of Alice in Wonderland. This first one was easy. I’ll be excited to have 6 mini quilts on my wall, in a theme I love, that I made specifically for myself. 


Other than that I’ve made a solid plan for another swap I joined on IG hosted by @thesouthernbobbin for an Applique Mini Quilt #miniappquilt which needs to be finished by 2/5. I’ll be using one of France Nadeau’s Downtown House patterns as the feature. I love all her house blocks! I’ll be starting on this as soon as I put down my Project Quilting project. 🙂


Plus, I’m joining in for the #threedandelions100 which already started. Remember the #100days100blocks following Tula Pink’s book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks where everyone was attempting to make 100 blocks in 100 days? Yea… Well, I fell off the bandwagon. Finishing these up is actually on my to-do list for 2017 (“these” as in I started on 2 of them at once). Anyhow, you can join in too! It’s for just 2 blocks per week. Go visit Three Dandelions Shop on IG for all the info.

I’m joining up with: 
Moving It Forward Monday
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What are you working on?

One Monthly Goal for January

What do I want to make sure I finish this month from my WIP list? Hmmmmm. I’m going to go with the silhouette deer head quilt that I want to make for my hubby. It’s been on my to-do list for numerous months now and I’ve not even started. 🙁 I do have the pattern (it’s in the Simply Moderne 2 issue) and the fabric set aside.

It’s going to be done in the #makedoquilt style using things I have instead of buying new for it. Plus, it’s going to be made from recycled clothing instead of off the bolt fabric. A friend gave me a stack of about 12 pair of khaki pants from her daughter-in-law that was going to go in the garbage (she works in a paint store and there’s random paint splatters on them). I’m going to cut those up and piece those randomly to form the background. The silhouette will be made from hubby’s old camo clothing that he was going to throw away (most have holes and have been greatly worn). Since this is going to be a wall quilt, I don’t have to worry about it standing up to being washed frequently.

Even though I’ve not even started it, I’ve already been debating between either doing echo quilting or straight lines radiating from the center point on just the background. I really want to deer head to pop and will not be doing any quilting on it.

Why did I pick this one? Because its corresponding number #3 was chosen for this month for the UFO 2017 challenge on my UFO 2017 list. 🙂

I’m linking up with:
Elm Street Quilts for their One Monthly Goal
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