Hi there! My name is Mel and I’m the momma behind Resourceful Momma as well as the Cloth and Paper Studio line of quilting & hand embroidery patterns.

I’m starting up this website in hopes of finally being able to enjoy sharing everything I do. After listening to others for years about finding your niche and trying to whittle it down as far as you get to get specific so you can find your tribe and not having much luck, I’m going to do it my way. There’s way too many things I do and enjoy to have a successful website / blog / online business that has a very particular specific niche.

Some of the many things I enjoy, and will share here, include the various things I do, hobbies I enjoy, and lifestyle I live. These include (in no particular order): quilting, hand embroidery, sewing, general crafting, veggie gardening, self-sufficiency, home schooling our youngest, cooking, baking, canning & preserving food, recycling / repurposing / reusing, upcycling, fishing, hunting, woodworking, wood burning, collecting vintage kitchen / sewing items along with old books.

When I tried in the past to narrow it down to just 1 or 2 aspects of my life, there was just too little content to sustain my interest and be successful. Here’s to hoping that I’ve picked the right web address that attempts to fit with what you’ll find here.


A bit about me and my family

For both my hubby and I, this is our 2nd marriage. We have a beautiful little girl together who’s 4 years old and was our late-in-life surprise blessing. She is a miracle baby to say the least. Between the 2 of us, we have 3 other children ages 18, 22 & 23. I’m also the proud grandma to a beautiful little girl who’s 2 years old. The oldest 2 live on their own and the 18 year old is off at college.

We (hubby, our little girl and myself) live in a rural part of middle Georgia – a small town called Eastman. We are lucky in that there’s a Walmart in our county, but that’s the only place I can get crafting supplies without having to drive about an hour either to the NE or to the SE to one of the big towns. I’ve yet to find a nice yarn store that’s closer than Atlanta… And unfortunately, the nearest Dunkin Donuts is about 1 hour away!!! YIKES!

Hubby is self employed and works long hard hours to provide for us, which allows me to be a stay-at-home momma to our little girl. I’m hoping that my little online presence can one day help to at least pay a bill to releave some pressure from him.

We are currently renting in town and on the hunt for a property of our own that’s not within the city limits. Our hopes and goals are for a property that has at least 5 acres so we can become as self sustaining as possible. Other than growing food (like we do now) and hunting and fishing for meat (like we do now), we’re planning on having rabbits (for meat & fur), quail, chickens & turkeys (for meat, eggs & feathers),  goats or sheep (for meat & fur), and raise hunting dogs. If we manage to find property that has at least 15 acres, we’re going to also raise out some cows (to sell as well as for meat & the hide).

I think I about condensed everything down as best I could while still attempting to get everything included. LOL I’ll be updating this as I think about it or as things change.

Thank you for stopping by!


Places I’ve visited:

visited 16 states (32%)

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