12 Days of Christmas & a Free Pattern

Hello everyone! I’m proud to say that I was able to join in with Sarah’s (from Confessions of a Fabric Addict) 12 Days of Christmas blog hop this year. Thank you so much Sarah for hosting this again this year!!! You are the bomb! 🙂

Today I’m bringing you a cute little embroidery / quilt project that can be used as either a table runner (my original thought), a mini quilt wall hanging, as the center of a larger quilt, or even a pillow cover (if you reduce the pattern and sizes by 50% so it finishes at 11″).

Originally I was thinking about a snowman bluework hand embroidery project. However, after googling snowmen and the sheer abundance of hand embroidery patterns for them, I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction. 


Some details – the download is only for the hand embroidery pattern. You simply copy the pattern onto fabric and then using 3 strands of embroidery floss complete it all with back-stitch (there’s a very good tutorial here) and French knots for the buttons and eyes. I cut the fabric for the center at 13″ and trimmed it down to 10.5″ with the embroidery centered once the embroidery was done. I cut 4 background squares at 5.5″ for the corner blocks; and 4 background and 4 contrasting squares at 6.25″ to make 8 HST’s and trimmed them to 5.5″. I plan on adding a 1″ border of the contrasting fabric before I quilt it (I simply ran out of time). The measurements shown on the diagram are the finished sizes.

Yes, I ran out of time… The past 3-ish months have been chaotic at best. To make this: 1) I had to dig out my clothes iron (which hasn’t been used since we moved about 3 years ago) since I cannot find mine; 2) I had to measure everything with my little girl’s 12″ plastic ruler; 3) use a pair of scissors to cut all the fabric; and 4) dig out my sewing machine (that’s not been touched in over 3 months) and remove the little spider and it’s web along with at least 2 pounds of dust that had collected on it… Where is everything? That’s a darn good question. Other than to say that everything is still in my house somewhere, I really cannot tell you. But if you want to come help, I’m more than happy for any assistance since I’m laid up with a turned and severely swollen ankle and knee along with a bruised and swollen triceps since falling down the stairs with a huge garbage bag full of my granddaughters toys over a week ago. 

Now some words from Sarah regarding the amazing give-a-way she’s put together for everyone. 

And as if great holiday ideas and a tutorial weren’t enough, this year we’ve got something extra special!  The lovely folks over at Free Spirit Fabrics have donated not just one item for a giveaway, but THIRTEEN!  And it’s pretty drool-worthy stuff, too – it’s Tula Pink’s new holiday line, Holiday Homies!!!

I have six design rolls, six layer cakes, and one fat quarter bundle to give away – and here’s how we’re going to do it!  Visit each stop on the hop, including this blog, and leave a comment on each post for the day.  At the end of the hop, I’ll do a giveaway for each day by putting everyone’s name in the hat who commented that day (from all that day’s hop-blogs), and drawing a winner for that day.  That will be twelve winners – the design rolls and layer cakes.  Then I’ll put all the names from all the days in a hat and draw out a grand prize winner for the fat quarter bundle!  Only one prize per person, though – let’s spread it around a bit!  So carve out a bit of time to visit all the blogs and comment – it makes the time spent on each post worth it when you see what people think about your work!”

The other bloggers to go visit today are:

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132 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas & a Free Pattern

  1. Mel, with everything else going on, you are a marvel to do this, I love your block, the way it sits is so pretty. Now you go and have a glass or two of your favourite liquid, if you are on pain meds, forgo them in favour of the drinking stuff, and rest well. ( this wouldn’t work for me as I have no tolerance for anything in this type of liquid form at all, after an illness some years ago… so just a suggestion) This has been a wonderful blog hop, and after meeting almost all the other hoppers, now have some new friends. Greetings to you from down below in New Zealand.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Thank you for taking the time to give us this tutorial. The embroidery is so cute!

  3. I clicked that impish little face on the embroidery. This quite unique! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a sweet snowman! He looks perfect frolicking away inside your block! I’d be there in a second to help you while you recover from your fall. Ouch! Take care and let yourself heal…maybe get some hand-stitching to do while you rest on the couch. A few more snowmen to stitch would make you happy!

  5. Your block is so sweet-I love to hand embroider a little something into each one of my quilts-this would make a great throw pillow for sure! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  6. Really cute design. Embroidery and quilting are two of my favorite hobbies, I enjoy combining them. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Cute block! I wouldn’t have known anything was up, if you hadn’t said. If Minnesota was closer, I’d certainly be there to help you out. Prayers for the recovery from your fall. I had one about 6 weeks ago, so I know what it’s like.

  8. I love this cute little snowman, and putting it into a star block is a great idea! I’m sorry about your tumble down the stairs and the resulting pain/trauma you have had. I hope you mend quickly and are back to your usual routine soon! Thanks for sharing this project!

  9. So sorry to hear of your bad luck. I, too have fallen on stairs, so I know it is not fun. Thanks for the great Christmas gift idea. I love making pillows, so this will be added to the list.

  10. Thank you for the pattern and suggestions. I know how you feel about your move. I moved about 7 months ago and I still have boxes in my garage to unpack. What a daunting task and it feels so unproductive!

  11. I was laughing through your adventures of measuring with a kid’s plastic ruler and such until I got to the reason. I hope you get some good rest for healing. Thanks for the great embroidery pattern!

  12. What a sweet little pattern. Thank you for haring. PS. Take care of that swollen ankle and knee. Hope you are up and about real soon.

  13. Thanks for the pattern. I love to do hand stitching sew this will be a great little project for me.

  14. I like how you made your design into a star. I will use that idea for some small cross stitch snowmen I made long ago. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It’s always hard to find things when you move. (Ok, 3 years is a long time to lose things but life happens. Right) It took me about 9 months to find my good sewing scissors. Your little snow girl is darling. Thanks for sharing her.

  16. Adorable!! It will definitely be fun to incorporate into a project!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I do hope you heal quickly!!

  17. Thanks for the pattern. Your boy in blue looks very vintage and this will be a great hand project for TV watching. Thanks, grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  18. Thanks for the pattern! I can see it in red work with a lovely red pattern border. Rest up!

  19. Love the expression on his face. Reminds me of my boys when they were little and in that mischievous mood. ndfromsdATgmailDOTcom

  20. She is so cute. I just love her. Thanks for the link to the free pattern. Sorry to hear about your fall. sad about all the sprains and pain, but thankfully no breaks.

  21. Ouch! It sounds like you will have many weeks of recovery. Amazing that you could manage to get this done. Thanks for a great idea. I love handwork for evenings. Hope you feel better soon.

  22. Hope you are feeling better soon! Love the snowman; so sweet.

  23. Your snowgirl is very cute! I think I might make it for a winter wall hanging for my mom’s room in the nursing home. Thanks for sharing.

  24. So sorry to hear about your injuries from a fall, hoping you mend quickly!! The snowman is adorable!!

  25. Mel, this is so cute – I’ll grab the pattern and copy it onto some fabric so I can work on it while I’m watching TV at night! Thanks for all you did (despite major obstacles!) to help make the blog hop a success!!

  26. Adorable! I think I will make her as a pillow cover. It is just too hot to quilt (no air conditioner), so a little stitching is the perfect substitute. Thank you.

  27. I wondered where you went. You’ve really been having a tough time of it! I love your little snow baby, she’s adorable. Thank you so much for the design and the ideas.

  28. This is a very nice “vintage” looking design–like it lots! Hope you are improving quickly from your fall.

  29. This is really sweet!!! Thank you for your pattern!!
    Take care and recover!!!

  30. I hope you recover quickly. Many times I can’t find things in my apt. and I’m the only one here.

  31. How sweet that is! Those snow babies are such classics, as are blue and white quilts. Thanks for going to the effort of making this available to us.

  32. Thanks for giving us this pattern in spite of your pain and difficulty moving about–wishing you fast healing!

  33. With all the challenges, I’m surprised you accomplished anything. My son and his 4 year old daughter live with me and I know how hectic it can be. I found small toys on the steps two days ago. I like this snowman – cute and less embroidery intensive as you said. I really like the star around him. Awesome job! Thanks for a great idea!

  34. *Thank you, Mel!*
    Your pattern is so cute!
    (So sorry to hear about the fall!!! Thank you for sharing this, with all you have on your plate right now!!)
    Pat T.

  35. I am so sorry about your fall. I pray you will heal quickly. Your table topper /wall hanging is cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  36. Nice to see something other than a snowman (although I love snowmen). Hope you recover from your fall soon and unearth all your missing tools and supplies.

  37. You do not see much bluework – at least I don’t. I have a whole quilt top in redwork, but it would be stunning in blue as well. Thanks for the idea. I hope you are feeling better. ~smile~ Roseanne

  38. Cute design. Thank you for the pattern. Oh, on my blog top left sidebar, is an Email phone image. It goes to my contact form 🙂

  39. That is simply adorable! I love decorations that can stay out longer than just Christmas (apparently I’m a bit lazy and prefer to leave things out longer!).

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