Stash Report #7

Hello everyone! I need to apologise for the odd emails you’ve gotten from me the past few days. There was a calendar plug-in that I installed to help me with scheduling posts. Instead it sent random things out there that were still in draft version and it knocked my site down for two days where I wasn’t even able to log on because it damaged the links between my site and the database. Just a tidbit for those of you who use plug-ins – don’t ever use the .0 version of a plug-in. LOL Anyhow, it’s all fixed now and I’ve removed the plug-in so hopefully no more random posts. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday my little girl and I sat around like lumps (well, I did the sitting while she ran around like a banshee) since hubby had to work. Today we are off to my in-laws to have a little celebration for my father-in-law for his birthday. 

Fabric Used (or removed) this Week: 0 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 8 1/3 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 3.25 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 11.75 yards + 3 panels
Net Fabric for 2017: 3 panels ADDED + 1 7/8 yards ADDED
Iโ€™m not sure how to count the panels so I figured Iโ€™d just keep them listed separate from regular yardage since most of the time they are less than a yard.

I don’t think I got any sewing done this week… Then again, I can’t really think too well with this headache I have. I know that I’ve not done any sewing since I got hit in the face with the hunk of asphalt my little girl threw on Wednesday… 

For those of you who don’t follow me on IG, here’s what happened. My little girl and I took a walk up to the store (just over a half mile from our home) and to have lunch. There’s an access road that’s been paved multiple times with large hunks of asphalt broken off everywhere. My little girl started throwing them. I suggested she throw them in the grass in case any cars came that way, they wouldn’t break their tires. (I don’t know where she got it from, but everyday before her daddy goes to work when she’s giving him hugs and kisses by, she tells him to be careful of bumps in the road so the truck tires don’t break.) Anyhow. I was standing -BEHIND- her while she was throwing them into the grass. Next thing I know I was hit with one. She was still turned away from me so I’m assuming that she didn’t let go of it until after her arm was over her head… 

I’m extremely thankful for several things – that I did get my arm up and it hit my wrist first; that it was as big as it was. Why? Because it was so big that it hit my eyebrow and cheekbone and missed my eye! Where it hit my eyebrow it broke a blood vessel. It slowly grew in size for nearly 3 hours until it finally stopped. Since it’s just a bruise, there’s nothing that can be done – it just looks really bad. I’ve been taking motrin for the headaches. The headaches are a side effect, not from the hit itself. I wear glasses because I have astigmatism in both eyes and my left (unharmed) eye is the weaker. Since the swelling is so much, I cannot wear my glasses. The headaches are from a combination of my left eye straining to see clearly and my right eye trying to stay open even under the weight of all that blood in my eyelid.

Anyhow, that’s why I’ve not done any sewing…

Hubby told me that there was some money in the bank that I could use to buy whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I bought this pretty fabric from Merrily We Quilt Along on IG. The prices couldn’t be beat! Plus, I signed up for 3 swaps on IG so I gotta have more nicer fabrics (well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyhow).


Yarn Used (or removed) this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Used year to Date: 1,420 yards
Yarn Added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 3,144 yards
Net Yarn for 2017: 1,724 yards ADDED

Prior to getting hit in the face, I started on that project with the yarn I purchased last week, but am nowhere near finished. However, I did buy something yarn related that I’ve been needing / wanting for a while. I even had it on my Christmas list I gave to hubby but I didn’t get one. So, when he told me there was some money, I went and bought one for myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a ball winder. It takes skeins of yarn and turns them into a center pull ball of yarn. As you can see, I already have a “helper” who loves to turn the crank handle. LOL 


Pieces of Clothing Used (or removed) to upcycle / restyle this Week: 0
Pieces of Clothing Used (or removed) to upcycle / restyle Year to Date: 6
Pieces of Clothing Purchased to upcycle / restyle this Week: 0
Pieces of Clothing Purchased to upcycle / restyle Year to Date: 0
Net Pieces of Clothing Purchased to upcycle / restyle for 2017: 6 pieces USED

No changes here to report either. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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  1. One would almost think that child will be the death of you. =) She certainly has a way of intersecting painfully with you. I hope your eye is better soon, and swelling goes down enough to wear your glasses.

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