WIP Wednesday #5

Good morning everyone! It’s been an off and on kinda week here. There were times when I busted out a lot of sewing and crafting, and others where I literally sat here like a lump staring off into space.

There are times when events happen that make us realize our mortality. I’ve been thinking a lot since the January 22nd when those storms ripped thru. There was bad weather across multiple south-eastern states that weekend on the 21st & 22nd. There was a severe level threat of 5 for that weekend. The last time a 5 was issued in Georgia was during those horrible Mother’s Day storms in 2011. Having lived in Florida for most of my life and gone thru more hurricanes than I care to count, seeing lighting strike objects that were within a football field length away from me so many times (for those of you who don’t know I lived near/in Tampa which is the lightning capital of North America), storms really don’t scare me too bad and I typically am prepared due to the canning, gardening, and storing food that I do anyhow. 

However, when they were showing that HUGE, long life storm track live on the news, my blood ran cold. The news was reporting wind speeds of at least 154 MPH. It’s been officially recorded as an EF3. I was so scared I almost threw up. As prepared as we are, the house we are renting would not have withstood that. It’s a little, old wood frame house that was built about 70 years ago and is about 2′ off the ground. We feel the house sway when there’s a strong breeze. We were dressed, shoes on, I threw our electronics in a bag along with a change of clothes, and we were ready to bolt out of here if it hadn’t dissipated when it did. We were literally ready to get in the truck if it hadn’t weakened when it did. Now, before anyone chimes in talking about how you need to stay put in a storm, that’s fine if you live or are in someplace secure. This house would crumble like a pile of match sticks. Plus, we have a large heavy 4 wheel drive truck and a plan. The tornado was moving between 60-65 MPH in a relatively straight path so we had time to escape. 

Unlike so many others, we got lucky. The storm dissipated right before it got here. The purple X is where we are. See that long orange line headed right towards the X, that’s what had me scared.


So, with my staring off into space, I’ve not really gotten much accomplished. But, I did manage to get the rest of the Caught Ya! BOM applique pieces sewn down. I used invisible thread on all of it. Plus, I decided to leave the first one as it is. I’ll probably do heavy, wavy quilting on everything except for the applique to make it look like water waves. The rest of the hooks I managed to sew down without incident thanks to a bunch of school glue stick. 🙂 I got these done just in time since the next 2 blocks came out this morning. LOL


I also got all the pieces sewn down for the mini I’m making for the swap. I told hubby to pick me up some “pretty sky blue” thread so I can (hopefully) get this quilted today or tomorrow. I think he did pretty good picking out a color! 🙂


Plus, I also got all the pieces for the Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM sewn down as well. Don’t worry, the bunny isn’t going to always look like a zombie. I still have to embroider the details.


The dress I’ve been working on for my little girl – well, I got most of the sides sewn up. Now to do the hems and then attach the crochet tops to the fabric. 

I love Project Quilting and am working on this weeks challenge. The theme for this week is texture. So far, I have a plan and have gotten my background fabric painted. Does it look like a hole to you? Fingers crossed it comes out like I’m hoping. Once it’s done I’ll share and no explanation will be needed. 🙂 (but if you follow me on IG you may already know what I’m going to do)

While I manage to make some progress on the deer head silhouette quilt (pattern is actually named Stag Nation by Rana of Sewn into the Fabric), I set it aside for now. I’m altering it a bit from the pattern. The pattern calls for a solid, single piece of fabric for the background. I’m piecing the background. Wanting something improv, I decided on unplanned 3/4 log cabin blocks made from the strips I cut out of those 5 pair of khaki pants that were headed to the garbage. So far I’ve gotten 9 blocks made. Since the background needs to measure 40 x 55″ I’m making the blocks either 10 x 10″, 5 x 10″ or 10 x 5″ and will randomly piece them together. These blocks are very hard for me to do. My OCD is having a fit with them and wants some order / pattern to them.


Those blocks got set aside after I realized that my father-in-law’s birthday is this coming Wednesday (2/8)! I came across a rag lap quilt I started for him before my little girl started walking (back on Christmas eve 2013) that I had completely forgotten about. Hopefully, I’ll get it finished up in time for his birthday. Wish me luck! There is also a partially made one for my mother-in-law in the box too – that’s what the pink is. 


I still need to hang the plant hangers I made and take a picture of them with the table runner I made. Not to mention the shawl I finished for my daughter that I still need photos of! Maybe I’ll get that done today. 

In other news, the small art farm I ordered finally arrived. It’s filled with gel and will be a good learning experience for my little girl. The good thing about the gel is that not only can you see their tunnels and them better, but it also serves as their food and water! 


If anyone is interested, there’s 3 new swaps on IG that just opened up (I signed up for 2 of them) – but if you’re interested you need to hurry since they are limited to a certain number of people.
Lunardreams1 is hosting the #rainbowhexieswap2 – see the link in her profile for more information
shawngorlick is hosting the other 2 – see the links in her profiles for more information on these
     * First is the Pick Your Theme Hexie swap – there’s 6 themes to pick from including: animals, black &                   white, solids, low volume, & elements
     * Next is for a Hexie Mini Quilt 

Plus today is day 1 of #sweatandsew1 hosted by @thecursivequilter and @studchic1 on IG. 

What about you? What have you been up to?