LGO2017 Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of Let’s Get Organized in 2017. This week we’re going to organize our garden seeds. I realize that some of you may not save seeds, but for us, this is a big problem. Well… For one of us this is a big problem which causes the other stress because I can never find them! But I’m not saying who is causing the problem. 😉 LOL

If you don’t save your seeds, take this week and look thru all those pretty seed catalogs that came in the mail and figure out what you’re going to plant this year. If you don’t garden, pick something else that you would like to organize this week – Do you have a problem with getting too many emails? Go unsubscribe to all those unread emails cluttering your inbox. How’s your “dumping” area looking? We have 2 – the kitchen table and what we call the cubby – it’s a built-in shelf in the wall. Go organize those and see if you can come up with a system to help keep the clutter to a minimum that not only you, but your family can agree on. If you set something up and magically expect them to start using it, guess again! Talk with them, get their input, and make it a family thing otherwise it probably won’t last long…

Anyhow onto the seeds. I keep mine in numerous shoe boxes. Yes, I said numerous. I’m a seed hoarder collector. I like to grow and save seeds from many varieties of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and squash. During a move a few years ago, I lost them all… 🙁 It was really devastating to me. I had been growing and saving select seeds for years. Since I’ve started over, we really don’t have a system in place anymore. Since there’s no one place for seeds now, anytime I go looking for them I have to search everywhere in the house, on the car port, and in hubby’s truck… *sigh*

My first step is to go purchase some plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. The plastic shoe boxes from the dollar store and even Walmart don’t fit into this category. You want something that if you drop it, you won’t be picking up seeds for days. One thing I want to mention when picking out a container. Pick out a container that has a handle that’s on top of the container. If it’s on the end, when you pick it up, all the packets of seeds can (and will) shift and move all around. After going thru the trouble of organizing them, you don’t want to have to do it over and over every time someone picks up the container by the handle. I’m going to be getting more of these containers. 

They come in an 8 pack for $29.99 which comes out to about $3.75 each. There are numerous reasons why I prefer these. The top is very secure so I don’t have to worry about everything falling out if it’s dumped over. The size ie perfect for the way I store my seeds. I use these little baggies to keep the majority of my seeds in.

For us they are the perfect size for most seeds with the exception of peas and beans. Why not peas and beans? Because in order to get a decent harvest, we need a good number of seeds. These little baggies don’t hold enough pea or bean seeds to make a full row for us. However, for you these might work for all your seeds. We typically plant at least a full row and for peas or beans that means upwards of 150-ish seeds. Plus, another reason I like these baggies is because of the white area to write on. Yes, I know you can also write on the plain baggies with a permanent marker, but for some reason, it seems to last longer on these. I also use lots of these baggies for my crafts!

Anyhow. If you’ll notice the size of the baggies, they are 2″ wide by 3″ high. The storage containers I use are a smidge over 3″ high and they are just over 7″ wide by 11.5″ long. That means you can fit 3 rows of these little baggies in them. What I do is cut some cardboard from cereal boxes to use as dividers and keep the rows all nice and neat. I also cut some to fit in between the baggies to separate the types of seeds. For seeds that I have a lot of, I’ll subdivide them. For example – with tomatoes, I’ll separate them first by if they are determinate or indeterminate. Then I’ll separate them by type – cherry, small sizes, beefsteak, plums, etc. Then, if a group still has many in it, I’ll further divide it down by color – red, pink, yellow, purple, green, striped, etc. For the peppers I’ll separate them by heat – sweet, mild, medium, hot and YIKES! LOL

My task for this week is to go round-up the seeds we do have. Then since some were stored in not ideal conditions I’ll have to test those for viability. There’s no sense to save them if they’re dead… Then I’ll organize the ones we have, decide what we want to grow this season and order seeds that we don’t have.

For those of you who do online shopping, here’s links to where you can source the mentioned items. These are affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Here’s the containers I’m getting

Here’s some other plastic containers that would also be good

 Here’s the plastic baggies that I use



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