Stash Report #1

Judy over at Patchwork Times does this stash report that I think is great! Specially considering that I want to go on a crafting diet this year. She says we get to start at zero today so that’s what I’m doing. 🙂 I’ll report in each Sunday with the numbers.

Fabric Used (or removed) this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 0 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 0 yards used

Yarn Used (or removed) this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Used year to Date: 0 yards
Yarn Added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Yarn for 2017: 0 yards used

pssssst – in full disclosure, I think I should say that I’ve been buying up a bunch getting ready for 2017. LOL Well… Not really a bunch, but I’m feeling the pressure so I’ve not been as picky as I normally am. Plus I’m kicking myself for not getting more of the Loops & Threads Woolike yarn from Michaels yesterday… It’s a nice soft yarn that’s 85% acrylic and 15% nylon, is a #1 weight, come 678 yards to a skein and is typically around $3 a skein. Yesterday and the day before they were on sale for only $1.29… Yea… I guess I got enough. I purchased 12 in the store yesterday & 15 online on the first day of the sale (when I didn’t think I’d be getting to a Michaels store). Plus, Joann’s had a really good yarn sale too. Now, before I disclose how much I bought yesterday (which don’t count towards the totals above because it was in 2016), let me say that my shopping trip was my Christmas present from my hubby. He gives me a budget and let’s me go pick out what I want from Joann’s & Michaels and we go eat at Olive Garden.

So. Yea. Anyhow… I actually came in under the amount hubby gave me to spend!?! And that was including a new TY beanie baby cat that my little girl is collecting (at $6.99 a piece) and her M&Ms which cost $1.49 at Joanns. Anyhow, here’s what I got.

This is my little girls growing collecting of the TY beanie baby kitty cats so far. They are in order (from left to right) from oldest to newest. Santa brought her #4. Today she got #5 which was included in my budget. 🙂

This is what over 15,000 yards of yarn look like 🙂

And this is the rest of the stuff I got.

See that floral fabric on the bottom left? My little girl pulled that bolt of fabric off the shelf, put it in the cart, and asked me if I could make her a dress from it! AWWWWWW! So, even thought the price of the fabric was $12.99 a yard (and I can’t remember when I paid that much for a yard of fabric – not even Tula Pink) I bought just a 1/4 yard which is enough to make the bodice of a dress for her. I’ll make the bottom skirt part in a solid pink to match since she absolutely -loves- pink! She melts my heart all the time, she’s such a sweet little girl.

I Got the Christmas kitty & puppy fabric because I just couldn’t resist! I mean serious, LOOK! It’s so darn cute! Vintage theme is my love.

The bunny print and the blue rolled up, I’m not sure, but I’m thinking I’ll split the bunny print between a dress bodice and trim for an Easter basket for her.

Butterfly print – because why not? We both love butterflies. lol

I’ve never used a water-soluble fabric glue pen before, but I’ll let you know sometime next week how it works. I’m using it for EPP hexies.

The yarn – well – let me say that I don’t have any of it set aside for any projects. Yet. LOL But I know I’m going to find things that I want to make so I wanted to make sure that I have some yarn just in case. We’ll see how long it lasts if I’m on a craft supply diet.

Anyhow, here’s a tally of what I bought:

  • 43 skeins of yarn (this is not counting the ones I bought online)
  • 1 package of colorful cardstock
  • 3.5 yards of fabric
  • a Fons & Porter water-soluble fabric glue pen
  • 2 Buttercream journals
  • 1 package of jewelry connectors
  • my little girls new TY beanie baby cat (#5 in the pic above)
  • her tube of mini M&M’s that she just had to have also 😉

Total retail value would have been around $250


Thanks to sales and coupons, I paid a grand total of $67.69!!! (including tax)
$17.32 from Michaels & $50.37 from Joanns. (pst – my budget was only $75)

Plus, I forgot to mention that I got back $6 from Ibotta (Use the referral link and not only do I get credit but YOU get an extra $10 when you redeem your first rebate! 🙂 ) They had a rebate for $1 off any Big Twist Rainbow Classic and another rebate for $5 when you spend at least $35. Both rebates were for Joanns. 🙂 So I guess that brings my total down to $61.69 😉

Yea. I’m a happy lady!

How about you? Are you trying to curb your fabric / yarn spending? Or interested in trying to use your stash instead of buying more? Or just curious as to how much fabric / yarn you have coming in versus using? Let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report #1

  1. Don’t you just love a nice, shiny, full-of-zeroes stash report?! NICE job on your bargain shopping — you really did bring in a good haul! Enjoy playing with all your goodies!!!

    1. LOL Heck yea! Full of zeroes stash report doesn’t make me feel bad for adding to my already stuffed full craft room. 😉 Thank you! I enjoy bargain hunting. I get such a kick out of letting hubby know how much I saved him. LOL

  2. Yup, I plan on using up my stash this year after binging the last two years. I’m still contemplating my Word of the Year. I might just use Simplify again!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun purchases. In don’t knit, but there sure are a lot of yummy yarns out there.

  4. Welcome to stash reporting! This will be my eighth year, and it has been great to curb my shopping and encourage me to shop my stash first, then go buy if nothing works. You did some great shopping at Michael’s and Joann’s – I am sure you’ll enjoy your Christmas gift!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! WOW! 8 years?!? When I do get ready for a project, I do typically shop my stash first. I’m one of those people who buy because they like the look of something, rather than shop for a specific project. I’ve always done it that way… Being a bargain hunter I realize that if I have a good sized stash, when I’m ready to do a project, what I want may not be on sale. All I can say is that I’m lucky that my hubby realizes this! 🙂 Hmmm, I wonder if it’s a considence that my ex-husband didn’t? LOL

  5. Wow, I’m stunned at your shopping ability! I need to come shop with you. LOL That is going to be a darling dress for your little one. She has good taste.

    1. Come on Susan! I’d love to go shopping with you. 🙂 I’m still hoping to get to go to QuiltCon… Things are tight here so I’m still not sure. Yes, she does already have her own little style and taste at 3.5 years old! LOL I cannot count how many bolts she looked at, felt, and pulled out a little to get a better look at before she decided on that one. ROFL I’m hoping to get to “her” dress this weekend. I’m wondering if I’m going to make it or if she’s going to have to. She got a kids sewing machine for Christmas.

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