2017 To-Do

Being a list maker, I have lists of my list. And this is one such list. 😉 Here I’ll be keeping track of all the ‘big’ projects I want to complete in 2017. This will be ever-changing, growing, and mutating as my mind changes, rethinks things, and whathaveyou.

  1. Clean and organize my ENTIRE craft room
    1. Organize all my yarn and list them into my Ravelry stash – granted they’re mostly from big box stores, but I like them. 🙂
    2. Organize all my fabric
    3. Make different stations for the different types of crafts that I do the most
    4. Set up the big desk in front of the window to use for taking photos and videos
  2. Start selling all the vintage items I bought to resell, along with the things I no longer want myself (I don’t want to admit to how much I found that I forgot about while digging out the Christmas stuff).
  3. Get my cloth issue under control
    This is separate from my fabric because I greatly enjoy upcycling. The way my mind works is that I’ll see something (piece of clothing, sheet, vintage table-cloth) that I think would make a great something. However, I also need this and that to actually make the thing that I see in my mind. So it gets “stored” for the time being (read: stuffed into a box or bag and forgotten). There’s bags and boxes of all different types of clothing, linens, sheets, pretty much anything made with cloth that are beyond me wanting to count. I need to sort thru them and stick with my plan as follows:

    1. If it’s something I’d like to turn into something else – cut it apart into flat usable fabric; remove and sort any usable notions (buttons, zippers, etc)
    2. If it’s something that I have no clue what I’m going to do with I need to sort it into 1 of 2 different piles:
      1. to sell / donate – self explanatory
      2. if it’s not in good enough condition to sell or donate – remove any usable notions (buttons, zippers, etc)
        1. if it’s tee-shirt material – cut into strips for “yarn”
        2. if it’s usable for a #makedoquilt – cut into strips / squares / general precut sizes
        3. scraps will get cut up fabric into tiny (smaller than 1″ pieces) to use for stuffing for various projects I’m making along with stuffing pillows for the homeless for the quilt guild
  4. Do some serious thinning of all kitchen “stuff” – if it’s not been used since we moved into this house it’s time for it to go