My 2017 Word of the Year

Many people I know, myself included, like to pick a word for the year that they want to stick by. Typically my word is a positive, happy one. Which is great! However, after giving it come serious thought and consideration, I’m going with something that’s different for me.


There are many ways in which I want to simplify my life this coming year.

  • I really need to reduce the number of WIPs I have laying around collecting dust. 
  • Even though I’m hoping we are out of this rental house before summer time comes, I’m not holding my breath. Therefore I really need to simplify things by decluttering everything! That’s part of my Let’s Get Organized in 2017. So many things will be covered under this – from kitchen things, clothing, craft supplies, and just about anything else you can imagine under your roof.
  • Prior to joining a local quilt guild around the middle of 2015, I rarely did any typical pieced quilts even though I’ve been quilting now for close to 20 years (I’m an art quilter). Thanks to joining the guild, I found out about BOMs and too eagerly jumped on the bandwagon which is part of the reason why I have so many WIPs. I’m going to simplify things by not joining in any unless I want to keep the quilt for myself or for hubby. It’s too hard for me to stay excited about it for that long if it’s in fabrics or colors I don’t care for. (Caught Ya! BOM is going to be for hubby; The Milky Way BOM is going to be for myself; and Wild Babies BOM is going to be for myself for a couch quilt but my youngest will probably claim it. lol)
  •  I really have to stop trying to do it all. I was enjoying my empty-nest free time. My oldest 2 were driving themselves everywhere; I was self employed and loving every moment of it by selling my canned goods at local farmer’s markets, teaching canning classes, and writing online; my time was my own. Then I was surprisingly blessed with our late-in-life little one who was born with some medical problems (they’ve since cleared up). However, she is a very demanding little girl and I don’t have the time I’ve grown accustomed to. Therefore most of time I have a tendency to overbook myself when it come to crafting.
  • With so many WIPs, I’m participating in 2 different online finish-alongs for 2017 to help me focus and attempt to turn some of the WIPs into Finishes. By working on WIPs instead of starting more new, I’ll be simplifying.
  • Home cleaning is another way I need to simplify. Currently I use vinegar in place of several household cleaners, including fabric softener and down the drain to name a couple. However, in 2017 I would like to simplify by changing from any and all chemical cleaners to using 100% natural ingredients. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get hubby away from using All Free & Clear laundry soap though… He’s a hunter and swears by the stuff. Claims it’s the only thing that keeps the deer from snorting and running away because it supposedly removes all scent and leaves none. We’ll see.

So, that’s my word for 2017 and the majority of my reasonings behind it. Do you have a word of the year? Are you going to have a word of the year? Why or why not?

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