UFOs 2017

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hosting UFOs 2017 and I think it’s a really neat idea! First, you make a list of 12 UFOs you’d like to complete in 2017. Each month a random number is picked. You try to finish up the UFO that is listed for the number that is picked that month.

I don’t know how much success I’m going to have since most of my UFOs are mostly in the beginning stages but I’m going to try! Here’s my list:

  1. Summer Solstice quilt
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member. About 1/2 the fabric is cut (background fabric is NOT cut yet).
  2. Vintage Truck quilt
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member made from a pattern I came up with. I’ve gotten most of the fabric for it cut already. Once I finish cutting, I’m going to chain piece the blocks together, fussy cut the trucks and applique them onto the blocks, sew up the top, quilt and bind it.
  3. Deer Head Silhouette quilt
    I’ve had a stack of khaki pants from a friend’s daughter-in-law just sitting here. They are not worthy of going to the thrift store due to being ripped and having paint splatters all over them (she works in a paint store), yet there’s plenty of good, usable fabric on them still. I’ve been playing around the idea for an improv quilt with them but haven’t been sold on any one idea until the other night. I’m combining something similar to the cover of Simply Moderne issue #2 with an improv background. This will be a Christmas gift for hubby for Christmas. I also have a stack of camo clothing of his somewhere that he was going to throw out (old, worn, etc) that will also be used in this quilt. This is a #makedoquilt that I’ve not started at all.
  4. Maggie’s 1st Dance quilt
    I started this with the best intentions and only finished 2 blocks. 🙁 Hoping to finish this for my youngest & I to use as a couch snuggle quilt.
  5. Crossroads quilt
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member. I’ve completed the first 3 blocks for this…
  6. Farm Fun quilt
    When I bought the panels with the momma and babies stuffies to make for my granddaughter and my youngest daughter I also ordered a charm pack and a 1/2 yard of the main print in white. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, but it will be simple. I’m thinking of cutting the 1/2 yard into larger 9″ squares and pair them up with a solid that compliments them. We’ll see.
  7. Illusions quilt
    This will be a Christmas present for a family member. I have the pattern, and the fabrics that I’ve started cutting.
  8. Spooky Delights QAL table runner
    Well, I started this QAL with good intentions. Then I sewed up the borders wrong… After taking the time to rip out around 15 feet of stitching, I kinda lost interest for the moment. I would like to get this done as it’s the only thing I’ve cut into my precious (insert Lord of the Rings jokes here LOL) Ghastlies fabric for.
  9. Eagle table runner
    The pattern I designed and fabric is sitting here all together just waiting for me…
  10. Quilted Christmas Stockings for my oldest and my granddaughter
    These have been on my to-do list for about 15 months now… 🙁 I have the fabric and patterns.
  11. Christmas Mini Quilt QAL
    In the process of tweaking the pattern.
  12. Christmas Tree Skirt
    Like the quilted Christmas stockings above (#10), this has been on my to-do list for about 15 months now… 🙁 A tree skirt for my oldest that I’m determined to get finished this year! I have the fabric and pattern and that’s it.

So, that’s my list. They are all barely started so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish them in each month.